A train with gifts for Kim Chon Ena got off the rails

Referring to the South Korean radio station “Open Radio for North Korea”, the Reuters news agency reports that the young chun yun – the son of Kim Jong Ira, the North Korean leader, who was transported to celebrate the birthday of the young.

It was reported that this incident occurred near the border of the DPRK and China. Among the cargo delivered by the train, there were hours and TVs. The composition was sent to the North Korean capital from the city of Synyaju, which is the “trade gate” of the North DPRK.

Recall that the successor of the leader of North Korea was born on January 8.

Nothing is known about the number of victims during the accident. So some experts believe that the cause of the accident could become too old and needing the way or worn out railway staff. Nevertheless, the sources of the South Korean radio station do not exclude the option that the railway was deliberately damaged, because the damage is a fairly large scale. So the interlocutor “Open Radio for North Korea” suggested that there could be persons who did not want to see Kim Jung Eun as the leader of the country.

In conclusion, we note that this year Kim Chon Yun was appointed a member of the Central Committee of the North Korean Labor Party, as well as the vice-chairman of the party central military commission. Many South Korean media believe that it will be the next head of state.