Subtleties and nuances of car rental in Cyprus

Rent today is quite a popular and widespread niche in the market of various services. Depending on the specific product, the business can bring this or that profit.

Rent is usually divided into short-term and long-term, so it can be called very thoughtful from different sides.

Today, one of the well-known and in great demand rental companies is 777Rentacar, which has been operating for more than sixteen years and is quite successful, judging by the real responses of satisfied numerous customers. However, it should be noted the specifics of the activity, namely car hire in Cyprus. The main offices are located all over Cyprus, for example, in cities such as Protaras, Larnaca, Paphos and, of course, Ayia Napa.

Main advantages

The choice in favor of the company’s activities is explained by the presence of the following positive aspects and characteristics, among which, first of all, it is necessary to highlight such features as:

  • the company boasts an ideal reputation and more than fifty thousand satisfied customers;
  • the total number of vehicles is reduced to one hundred and twenty;
  • customer orientation consists in the highest possible degree of satisfaction of the needs of potential customers;
  • the average age of rental cars is only two and a half years;
  • round-the-clock assistance of highly qualified specialists on the roads is provided;
  • the payment transactions carried out are considered to be quite safe and carried out on transparent terms;
  • there are no hidden payments, that is, the price is indicated on the website, which should be paid for rent.

Booking procedure

As for the specifics of the booking procedure, this issue provides for a certain procedure, including the following steps:

  • first of all, you will need to carefully study the official web resource, where up-to-date information about the nuances of renting in Cyprus is clearly presented;
  • next, view the catalog of vehicle brands available for order, as well as a detailed description and their technical characteristics;
  • then it is necessary to decide on the date for which the reservation is planned;
  • it remains only to fill out the relevant application online and wait for a response from the competent representatives of the rental company.