Learning to dance together

The phrase “Dance as you can, because the dance is the flight of the soul, and restrictions and rules are not appropriate here” – not the best consolation for a person who does not know how to move. If you are invited to the dance floor, and the last thing you studied was the dance of little ducklings in the second grade – you see, there is a slight annoyance about their clumsiness. Further, of course, it all depends on the circumstances, but … after all, we all strive for perfection.

Our dance studio in Moscow offers classes in areas where everyone can learn to enjoy movement. Club dancing training is not only a prerogative of adolescents. Even if a little time has passed since your fifteenth -age – this is not a reason not to learn how to dance beautifully. Lessons such as strip of plastics, for example, will give any woman to feel like a queen both at the festival and at home, with her beloved. The tectonics school teach unusual movements, the observation of which from the side causes at least a slight bewilderment. In the lessons of the salsa you can find … your soul mate. The dance school for children instilles the child with a love of a mobile lifestyle, classes will help the baby with insufficient social adaptation.

Few people know all the “underwater stones” when staging a wedding dance. Our teachers will help to make your couple the best of all who have ever seen all those invited to the celebration. The Effective Losing weight program provides not only the reset of excess ballast, but also the dose of positive for each day. If it is necessary to maintain vital tone at the proper level, Pilates classes and yoga lessons for women are suitable. Providing the dance hall for rent will make it possible to enjoy music and the movement as much as you like, without afraid to bring down the ceiling on the neighbors.