Muscovites are growing interest in contextual advertising

In November 2016, Komkon conducted a survey among Moscow Internet users, whose age ranged from 16 to 55 years. The results of this study were very interesting. It turned out that more than 70% of the Internet audience for various reasons use contextual advertising to search for the necessary information. In addition, it turned out that compared to last year, the number of people working in companies whose activities are related to the placement of advertising on the Internet increased by 21%. And compared with the 2015 study, this figure increased by 34%!

For example, if you want to have more visitors from search engines on request work in Voronezh and Voronezh vacancies, it will be optimal to place contextual advertising. But, nevertheless, do not forget about other methods of promotion of the site.

If you compare these results, it becomes completely clear that the interest of Muscovites in contextual advertising is growing steadily. One of the main reasons for increasing their interest in this type of advertising, respondents named the results of special educational actions held by leading market players. An unstable economic situation was also mentioned here at the end of 2015, which forced advertisers to change their established views and pay attention to new sales tools with a faster turnover.