Columbia Air Force destroyed 22 Farc militants

Referring to the statement of the local military, the BBC News news agency reports that 22 fighters of the Farc left -sided radical organization were destroyed in Colombia, which is deciphered on Russian as “revolutionary armed forces of Colombia”. The conflict with the militants occurred in the southwest of the country-in the Putumayo Department, near the city of San Migel, which are located next to the border with Ecuador.

According to the data provided by journalists, the Columbia Air Force aircraft struck an aviation blow to the rebels in the jungle camp, after which a military helicopter dropped out a command of the commander to conduct a special operation in this area. So local media notes that in the current month in this region, militants killed eight police officers.

According to the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, struck by Farc, the most power. He also ordered the military not to enter into any negotiations with the rebels, and also not to stop conducting similar operations. In addition, President of Colombia expressed his gratitude to the government of Ecuador for assistance in the fight against rebels on the border.

Recall that in early August of this year, after Juan Manuel Santos took office, the militants of the Colombian revolutionary armed forces began to actively conduct terrorist activities. For the current month, only for the attacks and terrorist acts they conducted, over forty employees of the special services of Colombia died. Juan Manuel Santos has repeatedly stated that he categorically refuses to conduct any negotiations with terrorists until they stop their attacks and free all the hostages they have taken.

In the year before last, when Alvaro Urist, the Colombian military forces, was at the post of President of Colombia during a special operation to destroy Raul Reyes, the leader of the Farc, an invasion of Ecuador, which led to the occurrence of a conflict, which was soon resolved peacefully. During those events, Juan Manuel Santos was in the post of Columbia Minister of Defense.