Fighters with computer crimes appeared in Ukraine

The Ukrainian state will create the first university team that will respond to computer crimes. It will appear at the Department of Security of Infotechnology Scientific. They argue that the number of cybercriminals in the Ukrainian state, as in most other countries, is increasing. They occur due to the appearance and formation of the global space of information.

Cybercrime Gleb Pakharenko, representative of the Infopuls Ukraine company, compares with global warming. According to him, it is impossible to fight with him only within the same state, there are general efforts. That is why they decided to organize a team, the main task of which is to coordinate measures to counteract illegal acts on computer networks.

PCs producing service experts say: this university has chosen for a reason. The university has everything necessary: ​​a large number of full -fledged computer networks, broadband access to the World Wide Web, as well as talented workers. Very soon, other Ukrainian universities are supposed to be connected to the project, they plan to establish a constant exchange of information about incidents, statistics between them, and, in addition, developments regarding existing crimes.

On such a road, they went in Europe, America and most other countries where, on the basis of existing teams of university response, organizations were organized by a commercial nature, they can find a solution to serious problems in the IT field and interact with the same teams from other states.