British teenager was banned for life to enter the territory of the United States

The Daily Telegraph reports that recently 17-year-old Englishman Luke Angel, the American authorities forbidden to enter the territory of their country. The reason for this decision was an electronic letter sent by a teenager to the White House.

So, after watching one of the TV programs that was dedicated to the attacks on September 11, 2001, Luke Angel decided to write an electronic letter to the President of the United States of America – Barack Obama. According to the police of the British county of Bedfordshire, where the young Briton actually lives, the letter contained many insults and threats.

During the visit of representatives of the police home to Luke Angel, the young author admitted that he very poorly remembers what exactly he wrote about the American president, as he was very drunk. The guy also added that what happened can be considered ordinary stupid things that are characteristic of any drunken teenager.

In conclusion, we note that as a result of such a “pranks”, Luke was lifelously deprived of the right to enter the United States of America. According to Luke Andla, this does not care about him, but his parents were still upset.