Archivist of the institute

In total, nine pages devoted to the post-development development of the Belgian Social Democracy of the Archivarius of the Institute E. Vanderwell r. ABS in published in 1974. “Stories of the Belgian Socialist Party (1885-1960)”. This publication was so brief that the author considered it necessary to supplement its name with a special reservation: “Historical synthesis”. Five years later, he expanded the chronological framework of his other small work – the “History of the BSP”, which, according to the author, was called to give “only a general idea of ​​the activities and intentions of our party”.

Only until 1945. published in 1980. Foundation of de Bruker Work “Karenion Charter – Decklation of the principles of the Belgian Socialist Party: History and Evolution”. At the same time, the dramatic stage of the ideological development of the Belgian social democracy is completely omitted in it when its leader A. de Man in 1940. He dismissed the BRP, and then compromised himself with cooperation with the Nazi invaders. Only a few lines are given in it the “labor plan” de Mana, which largely predetermined the ideological evolution of the BRP and caused a loud resonance in working socialist international. The “Labor Plan” himself is unlawfully qualified in the book as “Random Political Program”.

Authoritative leader BSP L. Delsin once stated with full reason that the historical works published by the BSP “are a chronicle of events; They have a pain or less pronounced character of Panegyric; They avoid affecting delicate issues and give only a well -reduced presentation of events that occurred in difficult periods of the history of the party. “. This is especially true for anniversary publications.

Element of anniversary “, although less, was already present in the books of E. Vanderwell, Belgian Workers’ Party.