Bashkortostan and the global financial crisis

Recently, financial news from the European Union has occupied the first lanes in the media. Television anniversary announcements daily notify problems, so that this information resembles reports from numerous financial fronts. The government is changing in Italy, numerous demonstrations are held in Greece, signs of a crisis increase avalanche.

The republic as part of the Russian Federation is similar to little Switzerland. I really want the waves of economic problems of Europe and the world to not reach its shores.

According to analysts, Bashkortostan has a fairly strong economy, it is important that industry is well developed in the republic. The trade surplus in the economy in such conditions is a positive factor, the region sells more than buying. Bashkiria is not very high credit debt of both the economy of the republic and the population. Although the bankers say that this is bad, however, in case of crisis phenomena, this situation has a positive property. Inflation in the region for next year is predicted no higher than 7 %, which is the lowest level over the past three years.

It is advisable to look good in their reports to creditors, investors and central bank. This simply needs to be lending to more, which means that considerable money is needed. In the created conditions, banks began a real hunt for depositors, interest on deposits grow rapidly. According to experts, the banking system is inflated by the next financial bubble. Previously, banking institutions took money for lending from European partners, however, colleagues themselves no longer have enough money.

The involvement of depositors by high percentages becomes a forced measure.

This state of affairs is alarming at the financial market experts, in conditions when banks offer deposit programs over 15 %, which is significantly higher than the Central Bank rate of 8.25 %, there is a trend of approaching the crisis in the banking system. According to the statistical data of the Bashstat, the average deposit in the republic increased by 400 rubles, the bank deposits of the region reached 147.5 billion rubles, while the credit borrowing of Bashkortostan in the economy of the republic amounted to 322.6 billion Russian rubles.