RWE wants to replace oil indexation with gas

The head of the German company RWe Bernerd Gunter said that the price dispute won by Gazprom will avoid the binding of gas contracts to the current oil cost, which will save large amounts. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. In January of this year, Gazprom LLC appealed to the Vienna court demanding to cancel the decision made on October 4, 2012 in a dispute with RWe Transgas. It was then about non -compliance with the condition of financial compensation in case of refusal to supply gas to the Czech Republic. On June 27, RWE reported that its claims were satisfied and part of the German company will be returned part of the payments. The calculation formula, taking into account the current market situation, is also adjusted.“This decision replaces the oil indexation of gas. This will allow us to return the lost money, which will continue to leave, since the oil indexation is partially saved in other contracts, ”Gunter says. Such a struggle RWE for providing greater flexibility in long -term contracts is explained by the fact that the demand for gas in Germany is falling, and this entails a gap in the cost of imports and the profit received from the sale of consumers. The head of the company reports that RWE actions are aimed at reducing operating and capital expenses to increase profits. The main goal of the company is to reduce the attitude of the debt to the EBITDA indicator from current 3.5 to 3. “If an insufficiently equipped ship gets into the storm, the team will not discuss the color of sunbeds on the ship,” the head of RWE figuratively generalized. RWE AG enters the five largest concerns in the field of energy and is engaged in the sales and supplies of electricity and gas to European countries. RWE customers include 20 million electricity buyers, and gas supplies another 10 million