In Hong Kong, one of the most expensive pink diamonds was sold

On November twenty -ninth, the Associated Press news agency reports that the amount was sold in Hong Kong for a record for the Asian countries, which is called “perfect pink”.

Pink diamond, whose weight is 14.23 carats, for twenty -three million one hundred and sixty -five thousand American dollars acquired at the Christie’s one of the bidders, who wished to remain an unknown. The agency notes that the “perfect pink” stone also claimed four more potential buyers, but they failed to withstand trading.

Initially, experts of the auction house hoped to help out for this gem from fourteen to nineteen million American dollars.

It is worth noting that the cost of the “ideal pink” was twice as low as the price of its competitor – another diamond, which also has a pink color and was sold in the middle of this month in Geneva. At that time, a new world record of value among jewelry was set – forty -six million American dollars.

In conclusion, we note that according to the statement of the head of “Christie’s” in the history of this house, which has two hundred and four years, only eighteen pure pink diamonds were sold, the weight of which was more than ten carats.