How much money to take to Cyprus

One of the most interesting questions for tourists is how much money to take to Cyprus to have enough for everything planned.

For budget planning, you need to take into account:

  1. lunch for one person in a mixed cuisine restaurant, excluding alcohol, can be 10-15 €;
    rent 1 sunbed on the beach 2,5 €, umbrella — 2,5 €;
  2. local cuisine is a little cheaper: lunch or dinner will cost 7-9 €;
  3. many restaurants offer discounts on lunches;
  4. fruits are inexpensive: they ask for 1.5-3 € per kilogram, depending on the type;
  5. a bottle of drinking water with a volume of 1 liter will cost 50 cents, a volume of 2 liters costs 1 €;
  6. a can of beer costs from 1.5 € and above, and a bottle of wine — from 3.5 €;
  7. souvenirs cost from 2€.

A tourist vacationing under the all inclusive program, unlike other programs, will have to spend much less — breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included in the price of the voucher. A separate item of expenditure will be only excursions and the purchase of souvenirs.

Individual excursions cost from 20 to 50 € per person, but you can save a little on food if the tour runs all day. Take sandwiches and drinking water with you, because along the way, in the most popular tourist places, simple products can cost 1.5 times more expensive.

There is another little trick — the further away from the city center, the cheaper the cafe. Most often, only locals eat in such places and the cuisine there is cheaper. Lunch can cost up to €5 per person.
Experienced tour operators advise you to take 700-800 € per person with you to Cyprus for 7 days (if you plan an active holiday with a visit to tourist areas and shopping centers).