Delivery to Russia equipment from Europe. Reality and prospects

For many companies from around the world, the current situation in Russia is extremely favorable for equipment supply. This is due to huge unsatisfied demand, which was formed on the basis of improving the well -being of the population, the needs of industry, the positive economic sanctions of the government and other economic factors.

Noting the above, we can make assumptions that in the near future Russia awaits a real boom of foreign investment, as well as a rather noticeable increase in equipment imports. If we compare the current economic crisis with the 1998 crisis and conduct analogies between them, then in the near future we can expect an increase in production in the food industry, the processing of agricultural industry, the production of everyday goods, the production of materials and equipment, the production of auto parts, the production of equipment for the service sector and the service and equipment and equipment. trade, as well as the production of resource -saving materials.

To date, Russia is more than interested in developing its production potential, and European companies are interested in investments in the Russian economy, given the high potential for the development of the Russian market.

However, due to the features of Russian legislation, today no foreign company has the opportunity to carry out the supply cycle on its own.

However, 2L, which has more than 10 years of experience in this area, knows how to solve this problem. 2L and previously engaged in the supply of a wide range of equipment to Russia from European countries, and therefore the experience of this company is unique.

This company is proposed to conduct a wide range of preparatory work. The results obtained during such work are proposed to be finalized, taking into account the specifics of various industries, as well as the specific features of supplies. The algorithm of actions obtained as a result can be the basis for real transactions between Russian and European companies. It is precisely such transactions that will be developed on the basis of worked out and unified technologies that will make it possible to avoid most often emerging problems, and will contribute to the development of the future, profitable for both aspects of cooperation.