What is DR Trade, what are the trading conditions and types of accounts on it

People involved in trading on different platforms are familiar with the investment marketplace «DR Trade».

You can find a small amount of information about it on the Internet, which is due to the relatively short validity period, from May 2021.

As indicated on the Internet, «DR Trade» operates on the basis of a license, but it is not possible to verify the accuracy of the information, since documents confirming this fact are not present on the site.

This resource was awarded by the Forex trading platform “Forex Brokers Awards – 2021” as one of the most reliable financial and technical projects.

This platform provides its clients with a number of opportunities:

  • opening a multi-account with which you can carry out activities with different assets;
  • for novice traders, the platform administration allows you to copy other people’s transactions by connecting to the account of the special Heartbeat service;
  • as part of providing assistance and increasing the level of knowledge for beginners, expert articles and market reviews are regularly posted on the official website.

The minimum amount to top up your account on this marketplace is $2,000; if necessary, you can use a margin loan. Withdrawal of funds is carried out within a week from the date of application.

How do users evaluate the activities of DR Trade, what are their reviews about?

It is impossible to judge the work of the site based only on customer reviews, since the number of opinions is proportional to the number of people. In some situations, clients’ opinions are divided and radically different from each other.

The vast majority of reviews are positive. Users are satisfied:

  • cooperation;
  • welcome a wide range of tools;
  • a variety of opportunities to earn fairly large sums of money;
  • are loyal to the deadline for withdrawing funds;
  • they note the possibility of returning without problems, upon request.

The general opinion of such users is the high profitability of this platform.

Along with positive opinions, there is the other side of the coin – this is the contingent that has not been able to achieve success in this field. They are of the opinion that this is a fraudulent resource, the main purpose of which is to take money from the population.

Based on the results of the expert review, the investment marketplace «DR Trade» has nothing to do with scammers and operates under a license.