How can I design an entrance hall in an apartment in Cyprus

So, even on 3 m2 it is possible to equip a quite decent and functional hallway. All the ideas listed below are suitable for both a small studio and a very spacious apartment.

Idea 1: make a small niche

If you can make a recess in any of the walls, consider that you already have a full-fledged hallway. A depth of 20-30 cm will be enough, since in the niche you can place shelves for shoes, and a place for hanging outerwear, and a surface or a drawer for small things.

To use this idea to the maximum, make a niche in the full height of the wall. The upper part, where it is difficult to reach, can be taken away for storage of winter / summer things (depending on the season).
Plus niches — it takes up really little space. If you do not have the opportunity to “modify” the walls, the niche can simply be “attached” to them. Technically, this will take up some part of the space, but visually it will be almost imperceptible.

Idea 2: pantry-dressing room

If there is none in your apartment, you can assemble it yourself — for example, from ordinary drywall. The disadvantage is that the pantry will take a certain amount of space (at least one square meter), but there will be a significant plus — this is where the arrangement of the hallway will end. Because absolutely everything will enter the dressing room, and moreover its contents will be hidden from the eyes.

It is reasonable to place a lot of shelves of different sizes inside the pantry. This will allow you to store clothes, shoes, and a number of other small things.

This option is well suited for those apartments where the very concept of the hallway does not fit into the overall style, as well as for families who find it difficult to maintain a constant order (for example, where there are small children).

Idea 3: a cabinet or a rack as a partition

The minus is the same as the previous idea — it will take up a certain amount of space. But the furniture will perform two functions at once:

  • visually delimit the zones of the hallway and living room;
  • it will give a lot of storage space for clothes, shoes and small things.

Another significant plus is that this idea does not require any construction work. You just buy/order a cabinet or shelving and install it in the right place. By the way, if it’s not a wardrobe, then it can be moved! Which is an undoubted advantage for those who like permutations.

Please note: the rack, due to its “translucency”, looks lighter and takes up less space. Therefore, this option is suitable for small apartments and apartments with low lighting.

The advantage of the closet is that it hides all things from the eyes. But it will “eat up” too much space in a small apartment, so it is often abandoned in favor of a shelving.