Charity in New York

In a very original way, one of the restaurants of New York decided to raise money for charity people affected by Hurricane Sandy. He began to offer a hamburger, which is one of the most expensive in the world-in order to taste this miracle crew will have to lay out two hundred and ninety-five dollars.

What is part of this unusual hamburger? The cutlet is made of the best tender marble beef, in addition, it includes a rare type of white truffle, cheese Chedler and eggs. Just not simple, but quail. And they also generously add red caviar to the hamburger and serve it with a toothpick decorated with a small diamond. However, recently, one of the New York supermarkets also raised funds for charity in a very original way. Cosmetics for men were sold there, which included the most expensive ingredients in the world. It was also expensive – up to several thousand dollars in general, enterprise and creativity have always been characteristic of the inhabitants of this city. For example, during a recent hurricane and flooding on one of the streets, a small shark swam. One New York housewife was not at a loss and hit her with a meat grinder. Someone did not fail to shoot this moment on the phone. The shark was retreated, the video became very popular on the Internet, and the sales of the meat grinder of this brand went upward.