The OMK-Participation charity fund prepared a festive surprise for the pupils of orphanages

A festive performance from the Russian charitable foundation will be held in the Nikulin circus in the capital. And this year more than 700 children got the opportunity to visit the circus on holidays. Especially for children, an animated representation is planned with the participation of Santa Claus, animators and aquagrimers.

Gifts for children

At the entrance to the lobby, children will meet the brass band, and local volunteers have prepared special creative master classes. Anyone who wishes with their own hands will be able to make a decoration for the New Year. And every child will receive a sweet surprise. For the 12th time, “OMK-Polestvo” organizes on the eve of the New Year holiday a campaign for pupils of the orphanage for a fabulous performance in the circus Nikulin.


The Foundation for Supporting Family and Protection of Childhood “OMK-Polestvo” provides assistance to people and families who fell in life in a difficult position. The fund supports a huge number of new medical and general educational methods.

Help in need

In its region, OMK-Polestvo “takes part in activities in almost all educational and medical institutions, especially where children are orphans on treatment, education, training. The fund of disabled people, children from low -income and large families does not leave without help. The organization “OMK-Polestvo” carries out its activities at the expense of donations of individuals-OMK employees and other philanthropists. During its existence, this organization was given various assistance to families, disabled people and orphans.