Stimulation of adolescents desire to learn

To stimulate adolescents, the desire to learn, daily results of performance are summed up and gratitude is announced. But, alas, most mothers and dads (if any at all) do not care about the successes of their children. Children who have families are allowed to leave home for the weekend.- Some children are at first unhappy that they are forced to live according to the regime and study, but then from most of them we hear – “Thank you,” says Mehrinissso Fazievna.- It happens that former pupils continue to study at higher education institutions. But still it is very rare. This institution belongs to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan and consists of providing the state. The guys are provided with four mealsals, clothes and all the necessary textbooks. 1 somoni 50 diram stands out per child for one child. “But the fact is,” says Mehrinissso Phazievna that these standards were established during the Soviet Union and have not changed until today ”. Of course, not to feed the child for such a meager amount. Today, on average, 3 somons 50 derams go to one child. Children live at the expense of humanitarian assistance, various sponsors, but mainly clothing and food provides Tajikpotrebsoyuz pupils. They also provided the children with the necessary equipment: personal computers, DVD centers, color TVs. Teenagers often provide assistance and conduct explanatory conversations with them representatives of various international organizations. There are also a doctor and three nurses in a special school. “Employees of our institution,” says the deputy director for educational work, have the right to contact any medical institution for help. If the child needs urgent surgical intervention, he is operated on for free “.