Country amnesty can extend for several years

The validity of the “summer amnesty” should be extended by 3-5 years. President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych set the task of the government to simplify permissive procedures. Drinking fountains will also work. He added that last year there was not a single conflict associated with the creation of parking spaces in the district, since the authorities, along with the residents, decided where to make the parking lots. The half -dead cargo of the population of the population has already begun to work out for a little to work on the economy, supporting consumer demand that fell as a result. Three of them – Garinskoye, Kuranakh and Big Seim – are located in the Amur Region, the rest – in the neighboring Jewish autonomous. Also, according to the certificate of the deputy mayor of Vishnevy Vladimir Stuzhuk, the inhabitants of the city would be immensely happy that they would officially become Kievans. In addition, negotiations are presented on the market at the moment on a number of assets, the cost of some of them is 300-400 million dollars, the statements write. We are now working on this issue. The total area of ​​this project is 19 thousand square meters and is designed for 484 tenants. He did not exclude that this year the budget revenues would be more than planned, but clarified that this was his personal opinion, and the Ministry of Finance did not quite agree with this. This bill to the Duma is introduced by deputies of the Sverdlovsk region, and it involves amendments to the 217 article of the Tax Code. A similar bill today is preparing in the bowels of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia. The penalty for officials will be from 5 thousand. However, as you see, the Sverdlovsk region is not among them. Today, the size of the cost of information from the Unified State Register is from 200 to 1.5 thousand rubles for individuals. He clarified that this year is the task of restoring about 250 houses and repair from 500 from 1,500 houses. The deputy governor explained that the construction of the bridge was previously carried out on co -financing conditions, of which 5% of funds allocated the regional budget and 95% – federal. The GPZU was approved as part of the implementation of a large -scale project to create a new microdistrict in the village of Marushkinskoye, the agency noted in the materials. He noted that, according to experts in the field of construction, the preliminary amount of damage is 50 million rubles.