The first Chilean miner is already on the surface

The first of the thirty-three Chilean miners walled up in the San Jose Mine is successfully raised to the surface. The process of the rescue operation, which began today (October 13), about six in the morning Moscow time, are monitored by the TV channels of many countries of the world, among which CNN also.

The sequence of lifting miners to the surface was agreed in advance. So the first -year -old Florence Avalos was the first to see the sky. Recall that the miners rise to the surface in a specially developed capsule, which is able to transport only one person at a time. According to the calculations of rescuers, the rise of all thirty -three miners will take at least thirty -six hours.

So the Agency “Agency France-Presse” reports that the beginning of the rise in the rise was postponed for more than two hours. The reason for this was the capsule malfunction. In order to make sure that the rescue structure is absolutely reliable, the capsule was lowered three times and raised back to the surface. The first time it fell empty, and the second and third with the rescuer inside.

Recall that thirty -three miners were blocked in the mine at a depth of about seven hundred meters of August Fifth of this year. For a long time there was no information about the fate of the miners, and only on the twenty -second of August the rescuers still managed to establish a connection with them. Later, a special hole was drilled to them, through which they delivered drinking water, food and the necessary medications. They were also equipped with a bilateral video link. In addition, a lot of attention was paid to the psychological state of miners, who for a long time waiting for help.

Almost immediately after the start of the rescue operation, its leaders stated that miners could be raised to the surface no earlier than the end of December. Nevertheless, conducted by drilling of the pile to install a rescue capsule, work was carried out with a significant advice of the schedule. As a result, they managed to finish the ninth of October. So it was already reported that the rise of miners to the surface will begin on October on the thirteenth of local time, but it was decided to start the final part of the operation a few hours earlier.