TV shows and video games adversely affect the children’s psyche

British scientists came to the conclusion that a long stay at a computer or TV negatively affects the physical and psychological condition of children. Children spending a lot of time before the screens have much more health problems than those who do something else. Representatives of the British Ministry of Health made such a message.

Researchers compared various indicators of the physical and mental state of adolescents and found that low physical activity due to a long game on a computer or watching a TV is the main reason for an unhealthy lifestyle. Thirty percent of the children who participated in the experiment had excess weight and vision problems.

The study of statistics showed that the number of adolescents with low self -esteem has almost doubled. In addition, children spending on TV and video games no more than one hour a day were almost three times more prosperous than peers who devote more than four hours a day to these entertainments.

It should be noted that the conclusions of scientists were stiffly criticized by some parents, confident in the absence of harm from watching television programs for their offspring.

According to the results of recent studies, the number of children at the age of eleven years in England, who spend over a computer or TV over two hours every day, reaches sixty -two percent. Among thirteen -year -old adolescents, this indicator is seventy percent, and among fifteen -year -olds – sixty -eight percent. It is reported that these indicators have increased significantly in most countries around the world.