Children behind the walls of the “state -owned house

Children, as you know, our future. For them we live and work, strive to protect them from the slightest difficulties. However, not every child has the opportunity to feel maternal love and care. Unfortunately, today there are many little boys and girls in the republic who are far from children’s life daily living. Severe social conditions are the reason that many of them instead of sitting at a school desk and gaining knowledge are forced to run away from home in order to make money at least somehow. Therefore, like adults, they sometimes make mistakes that in the future affect their fate … The republican special school is intended for difficult children. Among the pupils of special schools are both orphans and children from dysfunctional and not complete families. Many of them did not go to school for several years. As a result, adults are forced to sit at the same desk with younger ones in age.

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Deputy Director for Educational Work of the Special School of Mehrinissso Khomidova spoke about the features of the institution.- Special school has existed for 41 years. Until May 2017, 1980 students were studied and brought up in it. Currently, 67 teenagers live and study here, of which 8 girls and 59 boys aged 11 to 16 years. In the special school, rooms for pupils, classrooms, dining rooms are equipped. The school is equipped with a sports platform, medical cabinet, library. According to Mehrinissso Khomidova, all the guys who are brought up here were in a difficult life situation, everyone has their own problem: hooliganism, begging, children’s prostitution. Most teenagers from dysfunctional families. Children from different areas of the city live in a special school.