Vindecoderz service for determining a number of parameters of a particular car

When a car is created at the factory, it is assigned a unique identification number, which allows you to control its future fate. This information is recorded in a variety of documentation. Plates with the VIN code are placed on different parts of the car, indicated in documents and on various web resources. This option allows individuals, companies, and organizations to subsequently access this data. This happens if you use a VIN decoder.

Features of the identification service

The website is called Vindecoderz; on the first page you can enter an alphanumeric combination of seventeen characters and, after a short search, receive a series of information relating to a specific car.

Any user can do this; this information will be especially useful for the following categories:

  1. Buyers of used cars who want information about all the features of the car.
  2. Lawyers or lawyers working with cases of thefts, accidents, vandalism of cars.
  3. Insurers who issue different types of policies in order to more accurately assess risks.
  4. Owners of auto centers selling used vehicles.
  5. Companies involved in the purchase of cars, including those that have been in an accident.
  6. Pawnshops, banks that accept vehicles as collateral.

Benefits of the service

The site takes information from several sources. All information is verified and included in official documents. The source of data can be insurance policies, accident reports, and court case materials. These documents contain information about all owners, service life, which will help determine the mileage of the car and the conditions of its maintenance.

The service is completely free and provides the ability to run a search an unlimited number of times. The process is fast, and links to documents are provided where information can be obtained.

The web resource will also help you quickly decipher letters and numbers and correlate the code with real manufacturers. In this case, the year of manufacture of the car, the country and the plant where the car was assembled will be shown. A number of important technical parameters are indicated, including the type of power plant and its volume.

An important factor is the accuracy of the identifier; it cannot be repeated among machines from other manufacturers and is completely unique. The system takes into account all changes and provides the most current information at the time of the request.