Belotserkovsky Arsenal updated the wardrobe

In October last year, the emblems on the buses of the Belotserkovsky “gunners” unexpectedly changed to new. Now, nine months later, the team players went to the field in a new playful way.

Fresh equipment has only a few changes compared to the previous option. Firstly, the club management decided to contact another manufacturer – the American company Nike, breaking an agreement with the Spanish company Joma. Secondly, now the color scheme is not limited to traditional flowers for the club-red and white.

The new home form consists of a dark raspberry t -shirt, black shorts and leggings (previously – red t -shirt, leggings and white shorts). The output form remained completely white. Their surnames appeared on the backs of the players, while before that only numbers were located there. The club’s emblem on T -shirts was also replaced by a new one, and not quite the same as by buses.

The reasons for “changing” the team are still unknown, since the club’s official comments, as always, are absent.